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Jesus saves people
by counseling and guiding them

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JR Advies & Begeleiding (JRAB) was founded in 2001 and aims to spread the Gospel of God Almighty in Jesus Christ. We do this by witnessing in word and deed that a life with Jesus Christ is a good life; but also by publishing 'my reveries' on various Bible books. (Click on the 'Books' button on the left side of this screen).

When people with problems come to us, financially, relational and / or emotionally, we will be that listening, non-judging sounding board, which gives advice based on what the pastoral training KOINONIA has taught us with regard to the application of contextual rules. That is a basis where the relationship is central. The relationship between God the Father, Jesus Christ and us. But also the relationship between people, because no man has come to this earth alone.

That is the distinctive assistance, as it is mentioned in our logo.

Do we say that living in and with Jesus Christ is a life without difficulties? I wish it was true! We want people to learn how to deal with difficulties and circumstances, what place God the Father and Jesus Christ has in it, so that these people are (better) able to cope all the possible storms of life.

Because the Bible says that Jesus Christ is the LIVING WORD, we believe that through every word written in the Bible, Jesus Christ speaks in Person. We want people to learn to understand That voice so that their problems change into challenges and that they can manage them with His help.

That is why the letters JRAB mean: Jesus saves people by counseling and guiding them

Are you interested in the books (hardcover version, only in Dutch): please, send a mail to jrab@jrab.nl with your name and adress detail and the books you are interested in. We will sent you an invoice with the amount you have to pay (incl. VAT and shippingcosts) When we have received your payment, we will sent the books within three working-days tot you