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Available books (only in Dutch) hardcover version
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Title Pages Price
(Dutch) The Biblebook of GENESIS 323 €35,04
(Dutch) The Biblebook of EXODUS 406 €38,74
(Dutch) The Biblebook of JOSHUA 217 €34,26
(Dutch) The FORE GOSPELS 941 €59,50
(Dutch) The Biblebook of REVELATION 297 €35,00
(Dutch) The letters of Paul Part-I: I and II THESSALONIANS, GALATIANS, I and II CORINTHIANS and ROMANS 704 €39,50

Are you interested in the books (hardcover version, only in Dutch): please, send a mail to jrab@jrab.nl with your name and adress detail and the books you are interested in. We will sent you an invoice with the amount you have to pay (incl. VAT and shippingcosts) When we have received your payment, we will sent the books within three working-days tot you