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Rules about handling personal data:

JR Advies & Begeleiding (JRAB) does not collect personal information in any way and can therefore not keep it or provide it to third parties for inspection.

When someone sends us an e-mail containing personal details of the sender, we will never provide this information to third parties for inspection. When you even want this personal data must be removed from our mailbox then you can simply ask for it by sending an email to: jrab@jrab.nl with the request to delete your personal data from our mailbox.

The mails that then relate to you will be removed from our mailbox within five working days.

VAT number:

JR Advies & Begeleiding(JRAB) has decided not to display the VAT number on our website. The reason for this is that when publishing the VAT number, malicious parties can use so-called identity fraud because the VAT number for self-employed persons contains the Social Security Number (in the Netherlands). The government of the Netherlands always warns to be cautious about the publication of this SSN number, this is however contrary to the obligation to publish this VAT number (= SSN number) on the website.

Are you interested in the books (hardcover version, only in Dutch): please, send a mail to jrab@jrab.nl with your name and adress detail and the books you are interested in. We will sent you an invoice with the amount you have to pay (incl. VAT and shippingcosts) When we have received your payment, we will sent the books within three working-days tot you