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The reason why I have called these Bible descriptions 'my reveries' is because they are my personal musings and thoughts and secondly because they are thoughts that I give free room. 'My reveries' are not always theologically substantiated because then it would be a Bible study. 'My reveries' says nothing about right or wrong or about being right or wrong.

When I received a new Bible for my birthday in 2013 in a translation that I did not know, namely the Dutch Revised States Translation (HSV), I decided to read the Bible again. From A to Z and now in this translation.

But reading the first chapter of the book Genesis, I've got so many questions arose in me that I decided to just follow my thoughts and write down what I thought about a particular Bible passage. And that's how a first version of 'my reveries' emerged. A collection of personal thoughts per Bible verse.

At that moment it was not my intention to make a book of it. After all, it were my reveries. what value could that have for someone else? But when I saw all my thoughts about the whole Book of Genesis, I began to see a line. And I decided to make a readable story out of those thoughts, those reveries. So, 'my reveries' of the Biblebook Genesis was born!

After 'my reveries' about the Biblebook GENESIS, I continued to muse, and today I still do and write 'my reveries' on paper.

On this website-page you can read the reveries about the Biblebooks I wrote, online and or free by clicking on the buttons on the left side of the screen.

Are you interested in the books (hardcover version, only in Dutch): please, send a mail to jrab@jrab.nl with your name and adress detail and the books you are interested in. We will sent you an invoice with the amount you have to pay (incl. VAT and shippingcosts) When we have received your payment, we will sent the books within three working-days tot you